About Us

We help develop modern and smart city technologies

AYKOME was born as the abbreviation of Infrastructure Coordination Center, which is the registered trademark slogan. It started its activities in early 2014 with all necessary legal and institutional rights. At the beginning of 2021, it started to follow projects in the international market through its UK office, and took the first step to carry its name to the world scale with successful projects.
Continuing its activities with TÜRKAK certified ISO9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2004 / OHSAS 18001:2007 / ISO 27001:2013 / ISO10002:2018 and TSE HYB certificates, AYKOME offers products and services to produce damage-free solutions using trenchless technologies, and to create smart city networks, is an engineering company established with the aim of minimizing possible human errors by establishing automation systems, increasing production/operation speed, improving cost/performance levels with telemetry applications, and developing and disseminating the principles adopted.
Our company, which has expertise in engineering and consultancy in drinking water and wastewater projects, also has representatives in the UK in certain product groups. Water leak detection i.e. reduction of water losses (non-revenue water), pipe and cable detection (embedded infrastructure networks), network design and management (DMA, PMA and hydraulic modeling), flow-flow measurements (pressure pipes and open channels), water quality analysis (pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, chlorine, COD/BOD, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, etc.), pressure and level measurements (transmitters, sensors and switches, etc.), remote reading (telemetry 4.0) and automation systems (SCADA) operates in many areas such as air conditioning (HVAC) systems automation.
It has the capacity to provide consultancy-consultancy services, especially with its staff who have extensive experience in reducing physical water loss leaks, trenchless cable and pipe route detection, network design and modeling, installation of remote reading and automation systems, process analysis, telemetric data collection and management. .
With our structure that can establish a close relationship with the developing technology, you can reach us effectively through social connections. With the visits you will make from all social connections, you will meet with the latest innovations faster. We will always be the focal point with the technological solutions we will produce.
We have made this infrastructure (embedded or surface process lines) coordination business our mission and we act as partners with the world’s leading and most experienced manufacturers.
Together we will work, produce and develop for a more livable world.