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The AquaScan 620L is the most compact and portable PC based LNC currently available. The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size, cordless transmitting sensors and advanced features make this the most popular PC based LNC.


Cordless Transmitting Sensor: Historically cables between transmitters and sensors have been the largest cause of problems with correlators. By combining the transmitter and sensor Gutermann have eliminated those problems and produced a small compact sensor. With Bluetooth Communication between the LNC receiver and the PC the operator does not need to worry about maintenance issues with cables and connectors.
‘Streetworks Act’ friendly transmitting radio/sensors: These small compact transmitting sensors can be installed in an underground chamber and operate with the lid closed avoiding the need for traffic management around a transmitter box in the road or busy footpath.
Frequency Spectrum Graphs: The spectrum for each sensor and the cross spectrum are displayed next to the correlation graph enabling the operator to see if there are multiple noises and the current filter settings.
Dynamic Filtering: The filters can be adjusted during or after correlation and the operator can see the immediate effect of making the change. This highly responsive adjustment enables the operator to find harder leaks quicker and easier than ever before.
Automatic Filter Analysis: This advanced feature can be activated during or post correlation. When you run the “AFA” the AquaScan 620L PC software analyses the filter spectrum block by block with upto thirty bandwidths of about 100 Hertz to automatically identify and separate multiple noises. This is useful working in areas with multiple leaks or areas where there are a lot of different sources of noise.
High performance and locating precision: The high measuring resolution of 16,000 points allows a very accurate pinpointing (locating precision better than 1 cm per 100 m or 1″ per 1,000 ft).
Robust design: This LNC is designed for daily use and the transmitting sensors can be submerged.
Highly sensitive Accelerometer sensors with a Low Frequency Mode: The low frequency mode enables the operator to switch the sensor mode from full frequency response to a low frequency mode optimised for finding difficult leaks in PVC pipe.
The AquaScan 620L PC Software has an in-built reporting system with the ability to import images and create your own drawings ensuring that you can provide the most professional reports.
Performance in low pressure, non metallic and large diameter pipes can be improved by attaching hydrophones to a hydrant or tapping in the pipe. The hydrophones detect the leak noise travelling through the water column, so with direct access to the water column they provide increased sensitivity compared to the accelerometers detecting the leak noise travelling through the pipe wall.
With the “SMART GIS Pack” (an optional accessory) including a handheld GPS device, the AquaScan 620L PC software integrates with the GIS software enabling the software to automatically calculate the pipe length, material and diameter from the mapping information. Please note this is not available for use with all mapping systems.
Software updates and upgrades enable the user to stay up-to-date with the latest firmware; FREE OF CHARGE for the life of the product. Another benefit of Gutermann’s commitment to Customer Service Excellence.


1 Correlator with antenna and carry strap
2 Transmitting sensors with antenna, extension antenna cable and handle
1 12 V vehicle charge cable with 3 connectors for correlator and sensors
1 100-240V AC adapter
1 Correlator carry case
1 Operating manual
2 Years warranty

Optional Accessories:
1 Rugged Tablet PC Suitable for outdoor use
1 Hydrophones (pair) for use on non-metallic pipes