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ASAT (Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration) a minibus Type Kuka Grooving Tools were delivered.


ASAT (Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration) Type Minibus tendered by winning Kuka Grooving Tools Buying business, our company has recently delivered dry instruments.

Classical and old methods leave the institution, taking the latest technologies trenching and channel 3 has strengthened our cleaning vehicle fleet. Failure to be used in intervention minibus Type Kuka Grooving Tool is opening moment of the fastest and most efficient high-pressure cleaning equipment and blockages. Car grooving in the world’s number 1 choice was the most difficult blockages with Profijet Rioned brand çözülecekd with different nozzle options.

Clean Environment Good acting on the future policy Asat (Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration) with the move to the people of Antalya as the Ayko my company continues to provide the best service we wish to be beneficial to the entire city.

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