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ASAT physical water leak detection in cooperation with AYKOME


As aykome firm ASAT ( Antalya water and waste water authority) within the project we conducted with the physical water losses detection and repair field we have completed our work. Within the scope of the project in a coordinated manner in designated areas by working with teams ASAT, we performed the installation of the device. Afterwards, we identified we have identified leakage points via satellite. The excavations of 100% successfully, we found the leak. Workers make repairs asat, and we have completed our work. A total of 3 days) in a short period of Physical water loss of leakage detection using the most advanced technology in the world, minimum cost of manpower and administration with a practical how to asat shared. Thank you all family for their hospitality and interest Aykome as ASAT. You can contact us about the details of the study. LEAK DETECTION IS OUR BUSINESS.