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ASKİ the Solution Partner AYKOME ‘A PREFERRED


As a company we carry out studies began to bear fruit. In Turkey, he saw the successful work recognized and appreciated ASKİ authorities. To solve the problem was to get the cooperation of our capital city.

Physical Water Leak Detection Lost in the latest technology equipment and our experience of working together with the participation of our field staff Aski Nation / windy in’ve found an old and large leak.

After determining the location of the leak point via satellite to Zonescan product before we put the microphone acoustic listening to our city wasted water supply has made the determination recycled.

We live in the times we ate ASKİ Ayko my company as well as our contribution to happiness katmadeğer both countries within the social responsibility we are proud of that value.

Aykome to company officials that the ASKİ and thank you to the appropriate personnel.

much richer Aykome to Ankara.