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Award-winning Cable-Pipe Detection Detector

Ödüllü Kablo-Boru Tespit Dedektörü

With UT9000, no line will be hidden underground, you have not seen so much precision. Sewerin UT9000 Pro received the honorary award at the 2014 Reddot Design Competition. It was developed by Sewerin R&D engineers to be aesthetic and useful, considering your needs in the field. Line detection has never been so easy and enjoyable. Thanks to its unique antenna structure, you can see the line on the compass screen; With the centering technology, you will be able to detect the point of the probe from the ground. Versatility and a durable design are also required to make reliable measurements in harsh conditions and inaccessible environments. UT 9000 is a state-of-the-art line detection system that meets these requirements with a pioneering design and sets new standards in pipe positioning.