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Bypass Liquid Level Indicator / NIVOFLIP


NIVOFLIP is a bypass level indicator for pressurized vessels with up to 5.5 m (~18 ft) flange distance containing liquids. The device has
the international PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval, so it can be used for level indication of pressurized vessels up to 100 bar
(1450 psi) process pressure.
The High-temperature types are applicable up to +250 °C (+482 °F) process temperature. NIVOFLIP can be equipped with optional
limit switches or with NIVELCO’s NIVOTRACK high-precision magnetostrictive level transmitter if level transmission is needed.


  • Operation without power supply
  • Clearly visible display
  • Stainless steel bypass chamber
  • Error indication
  • Optional Strap-on level switches
  • Optional magnetostrictive level transmitter
  • Accuracy: ±10 mm (±0.39″)
  • Stainless steel or titanium float
  • High-temperature version
  • Explosion-proof version


  • Level measurement of pressurized vessels, boilers and tanks
  • Chemical industry
  • Power plants
  • Oil industry
  • Water industry
Flange distance:500…5500 mm (19.7…216.5″)
Process temperature:−60°C…+250°C (−76…+482 °F)
Medium density:0.55…1.25 kg/dm³
Process pressure:up to 100 bar (1450 psi)
Process connection:DIN, ANSI flanges
Approvals:PED, ATEX