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Capacitive / NIVOCAP®


NIVOCAP 2-wire capacitive level transmitters provide an ideal solution for level measurement of conductive or
non-conductive liquids. The probe of the instrument and the reference probe (which can be either the metal wall
of the tank or installed separately) operate as opposing plates of a capacitor. Between the plates of this capacitor
the air is replaced by a medium with greater dielectric constant than the air during filling the tank, therefore
the capacitance is changing directly proportional to the level. The incorporated electronic circuitry measures the
capacitance difference and converts it to an output signal proportional to level.


  • 2-wire compact transmitter
  • High sensitivity
  • Rod (0.2–3 m) or cable (1–20 m) probe
  • Plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing
  • Partially or fully insulated probe
  • Plug-in display module
  • 32-point linearisation
  • Explosion-proof variants available
  • Chemicals with dense gas layers above the surface
  • High pressure, hightemperature or vacuum
  • Viscous or corrosive media


  • Distance, level and volume measurement of liquids, powders, granules, with er > 1.5 relative dielectric constant
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Power plants
  • Oil industry
  • Water / wastewater industry


Power supply:12–36 VDC
Ambient temperature:−25°C…+70°C
Process temperature:−30°C…+200°C
Process pressure:up to 40 bar
Output:4…20 mA, HART®
Process connection:1″, 1½”
Ingress protection:IP67