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SOFREL ChlorIN is a complete device (SOFREL LS42 datalogger + probe + flange + cables) for the on-line measurement of free chlorine in drinking water distribution networks.

This communicating and energy autonomous solution measures the chlorine level in the network at regular intervals.
When a threshold is exceeded (too much or too little chlorine) the data logger immediately sends an alarm to the operators and to the centralization software.

As an option, it is possible to complete the device with a CPR pressure sensor for service quality measurement.


· Measurement of chlorine
• Real-time monitoring of free chlorine values
• Detection of any breach of high and low thresholds
and immediate alarm
• End-of-network monitoring, critical or strategic points
and interconnection points
· Optimisation of network performance
• Pressure monitoring via a sensor (optional) controlled and remotely
powered by the data logger
• Service quality level measurement
• Monitoring of fl ows and volumes
• Intrusion or overfl ow alarms


• Complete measurement kit: chlorine sensor, mounting device,
data logger and pressure sensor (optional)
• Simplifi ed in-pipe installation without service interruption
• Complete stand-alone solution for hydraulic control
• Integrated high-capacity antenna or optional use
of an external antenna (FLEX version)
• Measurements with a resolution of 0.01 ppm
• Sampling valve for chlorine sensor calibration
• Health certifi cation ACS*