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The ORAKEL range of online Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meters are optical luminescent devices which are extremely resistant to abrasion, extremely stable, and have greatly reduced maintenance and whole life costs.


The sensing element (lumiphore) is activated, or excited when illuminated with a blue light. When activated, the lumiphore then emits blue light in an intensity that is inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen present in the water


The ORAKEL System offers automatic in situ sensor verification as an option. The Control Unit is able to reduce maintenance by automatically checking it’s sensor operation at user defined time intervals. Calibration on the In Situ sensor is normally required only once per annum so with the automatic sensor verification option and the self clean option the sensor may not need to be inspected at all for years!


The ORAKEL Dissolved Oxygen sensor includes a time delay between the peak emission of blue light and peak response of fluoresced red light. The amount of delay is inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen present. This time delay can be expressed as a phase shift between the wave patterns of incident blue light and the fluoresced red light. This is in turn reported by the electronics into a ppm or mg/l reading of Dissolved Oxygen.


The ORAKEL Dissolved Oxygen sensor has no chemicals or moving parts. It is stable and reliable making it excellent for process controls and is suitable for all Dissolved Ovygen applications.

For aeration lane blower control and oxidation ditch dissolved oxygen control, the ORAKEL Dissolved Oxygen sensor offers unrivalled performance.
Two sensors are available

  • Submersion mounting
  • Ideal for unpressurised applications
  • Suitable up to depths of 210m (25°C)
  • Acetyl construction
  • 1¼” NPT mounting thread
  • T90 <45 seconds
  • Titanium construction
  • Flow cell mountable
  • T90 <45 seconds


  • No chemical or moving parts
  • Optional self-cleaning sensor and self-verification
  • Stable and reliable, perfect for process control
  • Suitable for all Dissolved Oxygen applications
  • Up to 36 months between DO meter maintenance
  • Up to 36 months between DO meter calibration