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DSİ 3. Region Kütahya Kureyşlar Dam’s DN1000 diameter separation line leak detection work was done


DSİ 3 Region The leakage of the DN1000 irrigation canal of Kütahya Kureyşler Dam was found by our expert staff at the end of a 3 day workshop using the Gutermann brand ZONESCAN 820 model noise recorder correlator.
The authorities, who have reached us on the fact that we can not get a result from the work done with the acoustic microphone before, have been very pleased that the problem that has been experienced for months has been solved in a short time.
A 4-bar loss was detected in the control exercises. SAV on the line and the logger placed on the valves were found together with the breakdown point in the study. It was observed that the pressure loss that was experienced was eliminated in the subsequent controls.
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