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EasyScan-3in1 Leak Detection

Introducing EASYSCAN – the first leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. With just a few quick manipulations you transform your EASYSCAN from the correlation function to the listening functions. You can operate all functions by the tip of your finger on your smartphone, assisted by a great-looking EASYSCAN App that you can download on the Google Playstore. The operation is so easy and intuitive that even beginners get good results. As a Premium Service member you can also automatically upload all of your measurements with according time-stamp and GPS locations to your personal cloud account for further analysis, reporting tools and data backup.


•It’s for every water professional who wants his or her own leak detection kit for all purposes, even if he or she doesn’t intend to use it very frequently – and of course everything must fit into one small sturdy carry case.
•It’s for users who want quick, automatic and unambiguous results without having to adjust and filter manually.
•It’s for professionals who do not have the most updated pipe maps or GIS information at hand (nor a measuring wheel), but want to rely on automated determination of the pipe segment length and their position using GPS.
•It’s for tech-savvy, curious individuals who embrace the latest technological advancements and possibilities.
•It’s for organizations who want complete transparency over all historical measurements of each of their instruments.
•It’s for people who appreciate getting a lot of functionality for a small price.


Easyscan is revolutionising the acoustic water leak detection instruments market. It is everything that conventional water leak locators aren’t, and it does away with many of the negative characteristics of its conventional leak locator peers. Up until today, professional leak detection devices have been mostly restricted to the professional utility workers and contractors with deep expertise and technical abilities and/or large budgets. They are usually difficult to understand and operate, require experience and knowledge in leak detection. They are often bulky and unattractive, and they are usually quite costly, particularly when you need to purchase both a correlator and a listening device. Now, even professionals that are not specialised in leak detection but still want to locate their odd leaks themselves, will be are well served with just one tool that covers all their basic leak detection needs – the EASYSCAN.
While the EASYSCAN is simple and cheap, it incorporates the full six decades of acoustic leak detection experience of its manufacturer GUTERMANN.

Required components for correlation (all included in the Basic kit):
•2 EASYSCAN sensors red & blue
•2 cords with EasyClip and magnet to lower sensors down in chambers
•1 EASYSCAN Link to facilitate data transfer between the sensors and the app device
•Android device with EASYSCAN app installed: smartphone or tablet


The basic kit contains:
•EASYSCAN Sensor A: Red
•EASYSCAN Sensor B: Blue
•USB Link charger cable
•3 rods for the listening function (one pointed rod, one extension rod and one rod with handle)
•1 ground plate for the ground mic function
•2 cords with magnets and Easyclip
•1 carry case


•Android smartphone with pre-installed software and app (upon request and specification)
•Around-the-Ear Teufel Aureol headphones


•The EASYSCAN App can be downloaded for free in Google Playstore
•In the PREMIUM cloud option you can upload all measurements and results and later review and listen them conveniently on our desktop PC.


EASYSCAN is the all-in-one water leak locator kit. All you need for your leak detection operation is stowed in one ruggedized carry case. In just a few seconds, the device can be transformed into a correlator, a ground microphone or an electronic listening stick, depending on the specific field application.
The ergonomic design of the kit, the fast and easy setup and the fact that all main components connect wirelessly mean that the EASYSCAN is both highly efficient, convenient and a big pleasure to work with.


•An 3-in-1 all-round leak finder
•Extremely easy to use and intuitive
•Attractive design, controlled on a smartphone app
•Cloud-enabled: Store all your data in your personal cloud account (only as premium member)
•Very affordable price
•Free shipping, free 14-day returns