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Energy meter for flow meters IFK ISONRG

The IFK ISONRG energy meter is compatible with all types of turbine flow meters, Woltmann, ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

The tool allows to calculate extremely accurately the heating and cooling consumptions, also by means of automatic switch useful also for cogeneration or trigeneration plants, it can manage up to two plants simultaneously.

It has a logger and acquires signals also for cold/hot water sanitary meters or in any case attributable to impulsive and/or analog inputs and has the possibility of performing a leak test function.

It can be used with temperature probes selected in pairs, for the correct and necessary accuracy of the calculation, of the type PT500 from 2 to 4 wires, and is approved for “financial transactions” in accordance with EN 1434 (MID 004) according to European Directive 2014/32/UE by transferring data via standard protocols such as RS232, RS485, MODbus, Mbus. WMBus and RS232.