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FOREST SAT – Carbon Stock

Optimise forest sustainability

Our carbon stock product remotely analyses changes in biomass and carbon stock across vast forested areas, without the need for aerial surveys. It fuses satellite and multiple data feeds with advanced AI. It analyses changes over time in key forest attributes including species, height and volume, and it calculates dynamic insights on biomass and carbon stock. Use this constantly refreshed data to assess the implications of – and optimise planning for – deforestation and regeneration activities.

Focus on sustainability and carbon stock management

View your entire inventory

Remotely determine changing biomass and carbon stock levels of your entire inventory, without the need for costly aerial and ground surveys.Optimise operations

Accurately predict, plan and action harvesting and planting activities to efficiently off-set loss and maximise carbon values.Drive sustainability

Use the latest, dynamic data to optimise decisions, balance carbon loss, and drive sustainable management practices for your whole forest.

Boost forest productivity

Forests play a key role in carbon and other biogeochemical cycles, which are important processes that help to support life on earth. Forests contribute by acting as large carbon and nutrient sinks and by offsetting CO2 through photosynthesis.

Quantifying the amount of carbon lost during deforestation and the amount of carbon that a forest can store when it is regenerated is vital when designing and implementing effective sustainable forest management plans and forest-related policies. However, in large managed forests it is often difficult to get up to date, accurate, spatially detailed information on biomass and carbon stock.

Our Carbon Stock product uses geospatial AI to remotely and frequently monitor forests over vast geographic areas. It analyses changes over time in key forest attributes, including species, height and volume and it calculates dynamic insights on biomass and carbon stock. It enables forest leaders to optimise harvesting and replenishment activities to promote carbon stock gain. And it helps them to report accurately on sustainable forest management to meet the demands of regulators and stakeholders.

All data can be integrated into existing GIS systems, or delivered through our Forest SAT solution on the Rezatec platform.