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Founded the Ghost Runaway of the Historic Funicular Tunnel ..!

Tarihi Füniküler Tünelinin Hayalet Kaçağı Bulundu..!

A major breakdown was detected after the subscriber connection of the Galata Tower and the fugitives on the Great Hendek Street. Located on the Galata Tower Street and found 30 meters from the Galata Tower, this fault caused the ghost water supply to the Historic Funicular Tunnel.

Built during the Ottoman period, Turkey’s first and the world’s second underground funicular flowing into the tunnel, which is 144 years and is refreshed confidence in the system detect this fault can not be determined with a kind of where they come from many years. The occurrence of a large underground space at the point where the fault occurred, indicates that the fault has been there for a very long time.

This fault, which cannot be seen in any way, has been continuously monitored since the first day the system was installed and transmitted alarm messages as a warning. After the repair, it was observed that the warnings on the system were removed and the ghost water source of the tunnel was cut and its success was confirmed by the institution. You can reach the video of the third fault which is detected as a result of the ongoing works with the İSKİ Beyoğlu branch. Stay tuned to keep us informed of the fugitives that have been detected.