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The UNICOMM interface modules are able to establish communication line between HART®-capable field devices and process controller computer. The communication can be done via USB or RS485 line, and also via Bluetooth®. The UNICOMM HART® modems are applicable not only for NIVELCO transmitters, but for all HART®- capable transmitters which use standard HART® communication. The device is galvanically isolated from both (USB and HART®) sides, when it is used as a HART®-USB modem, connected into the USB input of a PC, the modem does not need external power supply.
The UNICOMM SAK-305 modules can be connected into a suitable device with RS485 interface, used as a HART®-RS485 modem.
The communication protocol is HART® on the RS485 line. In this case the device needs external power supply. The Ex versions can be
connected to transmitters placed in hazardous areas.


  • Communication interface (modem) between HART®-capable transmitters and PC
  • DIN rail mountable or test clip connector version
  • No need for power supply when using USB output
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Explosion-proof models
  • 24 V current loop power supply (SAT-504)
  • Switchable HART® resistor
  • Bluetooth compatibility (SAT-504)


  • Transferring measurement data to PC
  • Connecting field transmitter to the PC via USB, RS485 or Bluetooth®
  • Download driver
Power supply:supplied from USB / 24 V DC / PowerBank
Output:USB / RS485 / Bluetooth®
Ingress protection:IP20