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Tarih ve kültür kokan Beyoğlu’na Aykome imzası..!

Physical water loss leak detection studies performed in several central neighborhoods of Beyoğlu district, which is in the responsibility area of ​​İSKİ General Directorate, were successfully completed. The Galata Tower, which is one of the most important historical buildings, has 7 malfunction points, including the network connection, and the faults have been repaired. As a result of the joint work carried out with İSKİ Beyoğlu Branch; In the designated demo zone, Zonescan components 2 Alpha (main data collector), 32 Repeater and 36 Logger (Noise recorder correlator) were used to run the system in a pipeline of approximately 10 km. The first leakage point determined by the system was heard by our team with the Gutermann brand Aquascope 550 acoustic listening microphone. This fault, which was found to be perforated by the subscriber connection part belonging to Galata tower, was repaired by İSKİ teams in a very short time. We would like to thank our team members for their outstanding efforts in the works and ISKI General Directorate teams who provide continuous support.