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 You can take a look at the following services that contain our long-term special experiences and advanced technology equipments are used, and you can get successful results by using  techniques of our expert staff.


Engineering and Consulting


To take advantage of engineering and consulting services, including all infrastructure work, please contact our expert staff. You…


Water Leak Detection and Lost

With advanced detection devices of physical water losses and leakage of regional and pinpoint location to do business, please cont…


Underground Cable and Pipe Line Detection

All metal and non-metal cable and / or detection of pipes and physical marking for the job, please contact. You can evaluate the q…


Mapping with GIS software


Determination of the existing network infrastructure and for the integration of Geographic Information Systems along, ple…


Hydraulic Modeling and Calibration

Drinking water or waste water for hydraulic modeling of the network and do business, please contact the calibration. You can evalu…


Flow-Pressure Measurement and Analysis

Flow with or without pressure on your entire network and / or to make pressure measurements and to do the work of analysis along…