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The AnaCONT 2-wire mini compact conductivity transmitter is designed to measure the conductivity of a fluid and convert the input signal to 4-20 mA output. It is suitable for measuring the conductivity of clean and non-crystallizing liquids. Continuous conductivity measurement of swimming pool and drinking water equipment is widely used in water treatment systems, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, water and wastewater industries.

Due to the transmitter’s small size and light weight, it can be mounted directly on tanks, pipelines, cantilevered or unsupported machinery. With 2-wire mini compact transmitters, wide measuring range and HART output, you can transfer data to your computer using either HART input displays or HART-modems.

Power supply: 12-36 V DC, ambient temperature is between 0 °C …+ 70 °C, process temperature is between – 10 °C… + 70 °C. It can work under a maximum pressure of 16 bar, the measuring range can be selected as 1 μS / cm – 20 μS / cm, 10 μS / cm – 200 μS / cm, 100 μS / cm – 2000 μS / cm.

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