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How to Detect Point Water Loss Leakage?


Gutermann brand Aquascope 550 model audio listening microphone is the first accident detection device in the world that works with frequency switching. It detects the sound coming from the water in the drinking water line with the listening microphones from above the ground or directing (probe) through contact with the pipe. In the field, this is improved. The plastic pipes help in the easy detection of those that can be reduced to one another. Providing benefits to the operator’s technical or trained usage needs in a very short time and the completion of the settlement.

Field replaceable long-term use batteries do not stay in use. Having a chance to be born when the aviator stereo headset is in the outside world. Easy on the eyes and easy-to-use keypad make route searching enjoyable. In fact, it is being built in a complex system with new technology.

The “spot detection” method is to monitor the pipe with an “acoustic listening microphone”. Use related to the verification of quantities determined by technical technique, since acoustics cannot be applied. In this method, the sound is controlled at certain intervals on the hat with a sensitive microphone. detection at the point(s) of the loudest noise class This point(s) is the point(s) where the water leak is present.