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pH: POWER OF HYDROGEN pH is hydrogen ions activity.

It is a logarithmic measurement that shows the concentration of hydronium ions in a solution. AnaCONT liquid analytical donors are specially designed to measure pH, redox potential or dissolved oxygen values ​​of liquids and aqueous solutions.

pH measurement: Continuous measurement of acidity (pH <7) and basicity (pH> 7) in liquids can be made with the help of Nivelco brand AnaCONT transmitters. Necessary chemicals supply and other technological functions can be controlled with processed measured values. The acidity and alkalinity (basicity) of the solutions are measured at a level corresponding to one of the values ​​between 0 and 14. AnaCONT provides a potentiometric measurement by converting the electrical signal value it receives with the electrode into a pH unit. In pH measurement, the difference between the sensing electrode and the voltages provided by the reference electrode gives the pH value.