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İSKİ in the WLM Multi Sensor Flow Measurement Flowmeter New Era


Aykome to Engineering as İSKİ the Eyup Headquarters hosted the presentation we held the WLM Multi Sensor flowmeter. General Manager Abdullah SARIKAYA’s participating in the study abroad with a special invitation, Martinek Company General Manager Mr. Dieter Martinek in the participation of senior executives in our study on the basis of comparing the application on the existing system board to deposit the world, WLM Multi Sensor flowmeter rule were discussed. In the study we performed together in particular the WLM interactive multi-sensor measurement -deb pressure measurement noise measurement parameters and also perform a single probe to great acclaim. 7/24 also continuously record online tracking system with built-in data logger with AQUALYS software feature; Digging, inexpensive and easy to install WLM system took another step forward. We conducted field work in Sultanbeyli after the briefing. Is the Sultanbeyli area determined by the participation of the executive branch in a very short time and in an easy way, we realized the WLM application installation system. Studies by the technical team to great acclaim and appreciation. Subsequently, the results were followed live via software. Thank you to all İSKİ family because of their participation and hospitality.