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ISOIL Data Acquisition and Management software ISOD@M

ISOD@M, Isoil Data Acquisition and Management software, is a tool to enhance the Flowiz line powerful communication capabilities allowing easy data collection, data and meter performance analysis, water leakage control, remote and/or predictive maintenance, alarms and events management, accurate identification and location of your instruments through an easy Google Map application.

ISOD@M can communicate as well with any other field instrument with GPRS communication capability and allow easy interface/data export to other systems such as SCADA or billing systems.

The high modularity and flexibility of the software make it an easy choice for Customers with a small net of instruments as well as for ones with a wide net of meters or metering districts with no limitation of numbers of meters or geographical areas, giving a cost effective solution for data management tailor made for any specific demand.
Offered as web based service out of our server farm, with dedicated Customer section with multi-level user entry, makes the Customer free from any trouble about server and software update/upgrade or investment leaving the users to focus only on their own data and net management.

License based solutions are also available for Customer willing to make the software part of their own system