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Frequently used and known mechanical meters have changed into different techniques / technologies such as ultrasonic and electromagnetic as needs vary. The population shifted to different technologies as mechanical counters lost sensitivity over time, certain particles deteriorated mechanical parts, the gnawing / corrosive effect of some chemicals and remote reading problems appeared.

The electromagnetic measuring principle is the most sensitive method used to measure all kinds of flows. The fact that this method is least affected by environmental and fluid factors compared to other methods has led to the development of such compact products.

These devices show the instantaneous and total flow rate and, accordingly, generate electrical signals and transfer the flow information to the automation units or the existing Scada system. This compact small electromagnetic flow meter with integrated display is suitable for flow measurement in fluids with a minimum conductivity of 20 µS / cm, and the measurement accuracy is ± 1% of the reading. It can be configured on PC with digital and analog outputs using special MCP software.