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Mission & Vision & Targets

Our Mission

  • To move UK to use prestige of high-tech trenchless systems infrastructure issues on a global scale
  • Constantly evolving modern technology in the world bring to market domestic precursors
  • Made incorrect or avoid unnecessary excavation
  • Quality to provide sales and after-sales service
  • Exceed the customer’s expectations of principles of continuous improvement to provide quality products and services
  • Competitive advantage to provide adhering to current value
  • To adopt modern management system and implement

Our Vision

  • To follow technological developments closely and implement
  • Create original in the continuous development of products and services
  • To end integration with our customers and suppliers
  • Community beneficial activities may be found in the social-sized organization
  • The country’s economy is directly and indirectly through a company structure which contribute to create permanent differences at home
  • With international quality standards and image, winning, being a leader and will lead a productive

Our Targets

  • Trenchless technology to ensure continuous improvement by providing today
  • All infrastructure organizations by collecting the body becoming a major coordinating center
  • Make Being
  • Growing
  • To increase awareness and recognition
  • Coordinate and create the perception
  • Corporate governance and operating standards to fit
  • All of infrastructure management and operating standards organizations to move constantly to the optimum level
  • To be able to achieve self-competition
  • To diversify solutions to market needs
  • To have a culture that supports innovation
  • Product development and bring innovations to customers, expand its product portfolio
  • Have a customer-oriented restructuring
  • Providing high customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • The best network management “Smart Network” ensuring the country’s most important resource “water” to prevent losses