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Detectronic‘s MSFM Lite combined liquid level sensor is specifically designed to measure the levels and depth of water in Combined Sewer Overflows. It can also be used for remote monitoring of tank and reservoir levels located in potentially explosive atmospheres certified to ATEX Zone 0.

It uses power saving technology developed by Detectronic to provide up to five years of battery life. This is significantly longer and more cost-effective than traditional, mains-powered ultrasonic sensors and GSM/GPRS modems.

The LIDoTT liquid level sensor integrates level, depth and temperature sensors into one compact device. This provide a full range of level measurement under both normal and surcharged conditions.

Under normal conditions the depth of the flow is inferred from the measured distance between the ultrasonic sensor and the surface of the flow. This distance is calculated by measuring the time taken for the ultrasonic pulses to traverse the return path from the sensor to the water surface. Compensation for the effects of changes in air temperature is applied automatically.

When the sewer network is stressed during storm weather events or by blockages, the LIDoTT Sensor automatically switches sensor mode from ultrasonic (level) to pressure (depth) as the liquid level
rises, seamlessly delivering high-quality network management data. This transition is transparent to the external datalogging device which needs only a single recording channel.

The data is read and recorded by the MSFM Lite at predetermined logging intervals set by the user. Logged data is then transmitted via it’s 2G/3G/LTE-M1/NB-IoT capable modem (at user-selectable intervals (typically hourly, daily, weekly or monthly). Data can be transmitted direct to a host computer or viewed on Detectronics range of secure websites.

IS certified (Europe and worldwide)
Embedded 2G/3G/LTE-M1/NB-IoT remote data delivery
Worldwide roaming data tariffs
Combined level sensor 11.5m range
5 years battery life for GPRS comms, logger and sensor
Hi / low alarms with ‘send latest data’ feature. includes ability to send data to a local output (e.g. sampler)
IP68/NEMA 6P construction
Military specification connectors
Custom internal hi-gain underground antenna External antenna option (for marginal signal sites)
Calculated flow data available when used with flumes and weirs