ASAT using our products at flowmeter systems

Antalya Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate of what ISOIL brand sales has been realized Flanged electromagnetic flowmeters, Antalya, we have also made the installation of a water tank out of the device.

“AYKOME” by ASAT sales realized Isoıl- flow model used for the flow measurement of the water loss and leak detection products, it is an electromagnetic flowmeter can be mounted on the flange. This product is mounted on the flange with built-in battery and memory, GPRS by sending values ​​recorded on the internet, which can be connected to existing SCADA systems, Remote monitoring is included in the ideal flow ölçerdir.ıp68 of protection for the owner of the water flow to the magnetic meter feature. These devices can make your line in the water-loss leakage flow analysis to determine that the total amount of the water leak. Thanks to the intelligent network monitor feature allows you to obtain reliable results water leakage.