Device delivery to Istanbul ISKI General Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality İSKI General Directorate Ümraniye District Directorate has completed the delivery and training of Minicam brand SoloPro + model Push-Type Type Channel Imaging System and Sewerin brand UT9000 Pipe and Lost Chimney Detection System devices.
İSKİ, seeking a solution to the existing channel failures with the contractor firm, preferred Aykome Engineering solutions in search of the Imaging and Detection System that it has entered in to its own inventory. In the demonstration and delivery practice attended by ISKI officials and field personnel, everyone enjoyed and appreciated with the field performance and superior features of the intrusive camera and detection detector.
Camera Superior Features;
– Interchangeable durable camera head (camera head rotating 360⁰)
– Long-term uninterrupted operation with 6 hours charging time
– Easy to use and report with Turkish menu
– Kevlar coated cable construction to suit the most difficult field conditions
– Spot detection up to 6 meters depth with 3 different probe frequency options (512 Hz, 640 Hz, 33 kHz)
Detector Superior Features;
– Easier and more accurate detection with sensitive antenna structure
– Detection of all kinds of lines and probes with 200 different frequency preferences
– 120 meter steel reinforced guide and up to 11 meters point fixation with Sewerin SR-116 Kx probe

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