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The ORAKEL Submerged AV (Area Velocity) Flow meter uses a robust, doppler velocity sensor that uses  ultrasonic technology to measure wastewater flow with improved accuracy and reliability.

The Area Velocity Sensor is installed within the open channel. A bespoke ultrasonic sensor measures a frequency shift from particles within the moving liquid in order to provide an accurate velocity value.

An integrated pressure sensor is used to measure the depth. Liquid temperature compensation improves accuracy of the calculated flow. On-board flow calculation caters for multiple pipe and channel types.


Designed to measure raw sewage, industrial effluents and storm waters. Due to its robust construction, the ORAKEL Submerged AV Flow Sensor can be used in open channels, combined sewers and storm sewers pipes.

A rugged design allows for depth and velocity measurements in the most hazardous of circumstance, whilst the velocity profiled sensor reduces the fouling/ragging risk.


Velocity Sensor – Dual piezoelectric elements.
Depth Sensor – (Hydrostatic pressure.)
Integrated Temperature Compensation – (Titanium diaphragm isolated silicon sensor.)

Sensor cable 10m as standard, up to 20m if required.

Sensor module protection: IP68.
Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C.

Performance – Velocity Sensor
Velocity range: 0.03m/s to 4.00m/s (resolution 1mm/s).
Linearity: ±1%.
Velocity Sensor Accuracy: ±2.5% FS (±1% in calibrated range 0.05m/s – 2.00m/s).

Performance – Depth Sensor
Range: 0.0m to 6.0m (resolution 1.0mm).
Linearity: 0.1% BSL.
Accuracy: ±0.2% FS (±0.1% in calibrated range 0.03m – 2.00m).