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Our range of ORAKEL pH probe can measure the online pH of any aqueous solution. They are combination glass electrodes with integral reference and automatic temperature compensation which use no reagents, are extremely stable and have reduced maintenance and lower whole-life costs.

The pH5 electrode has a double-junction reference to prevent contamination of the reference from sample components. This design gives the electrode a longer life compared to ordinary electrodes (up to 3 yrs). The electrode also has a hemi-shaped glass measuring surface which is more durable than the traditional bulb-shaped glass. Sitting at the top end of the market place, the ORAKEL pH probe has a longer life and lower maintenance requirements. Typically it only needs calibrating once every two or three months, making it a very cost effective solution.

pH5 and pH6 are particularly sensitive to difficult applications such as very low ionic strength waters or high temperature applications. The pH1-3 models in the range are less expensive, and have more traditional combination electrodes.


Anywhere you have a requirement to measure pH is a suitable application for the ORAKEL pH probe. One area the sensors excel is in the measurement of pH in very low conductivity or ultra clean water. They are also particularly suited to working in sites where reliability and ease of use are most important.

Typical applications include:

  • Remote Sites
  • Food Preparation
  • Potable Water
  • Cooling Towers
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemically Challenging Applications