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POWER SAT – Vegetation Inventory


Remote. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Vegetation Inventory enables leaders to proactively manage the ground-based and environmental hazards that threaten infrastructure integrity and power supply. It remotely provides a view of your entire network across vast linear areas. It fuses satellite and multiple data feeds with advanced AI to monitor vegetation changes in the rights of way and surrounding landscape. From vegetation growth and tree fall, to fire and weather events, use it to efficiently direct ground treatment resources for the greatest impact.

Continuously monitor rights of way and surrounding landscape


De-risk the network
Meet NERC requirements
Diminish health & safety risk
Demonstrate a Duty of CareMaintenance

Identify potential hazards
Track evolving risks
Assess remote areas
Prioritise resource deploymentOperations

Cut non-targeted costs
Prioritise CapEx & OpEx
Drive a more informed vegetation plan