AnaCONT LEP / LER- pH and ORP Transmitter

AnaCONT LEP / LER- pH and ORP Sensor

AnaCONT liquid analytical transmitters (pH and ORP Transmitter) are designed to measure pH, redox potential or dissolved oxygen values of liquids and aqueous solutions.

pH measurement: With the help of AnaCONT transmitters, continuous acidity (pH7) measurement can be made in liquids. The necessary supply of chemicals and other technological functions can be controlled with the processed measured values. The potential difference between the immersed measurement and the reference probe produces a voltage proportional to the concentration of the hydrogen ion in the liquid being measured. This voltage is evaluated by the signal processing electronic module of the device. The intelligent signal processing electronics module calculates a pH normalized to 25°C based on the signals from the submerged probe and temperature sensor and generates a proportional output signal. The long-term stability and accuracy of the measurement requires periodic calibration of the sensors using standard buffer solutions.

Redox potential (ORP) measurement: Similar to pH measurement, the measurement of redox potential is based on the potential difference between the measurement and reference probes. Oxidation or reduction occurs on the platinum surface of the measuring probe. The redox potential is a parameter that represents the sum of oxidizers and reductants in the measured medium. The output signals of the probes are processed by the electronic unit and convert them into a proportional output signal. To achieve the desired ambient parameters, the reduction of liquids or the supply of the appropriate oxidizer is carried out according to the previously processed values.

(DO) measurement: Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement gives the dissolved oxygen gas amount in the liquid in ppm or mg/l values. The immersed oxygen-permeable membrane sensor provides an electronic signal proportional to the oxygen concentration. The intelligent electronics calculate and transmit the DO value normalized to 25°C based on the output current of the DO sensor and the potential of the immersed temperature sensor.

pH and ORP Transmitter Product Features

  • 2-wire compact and integrated transmitter (level converter)
  • Pluggable graphic display module (device modular display)
  • Up to 10 m separated version (seperate)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Application-oriented probes
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Power relay output, programmable
  • Explosion-proof models (Atex Certified)
  • 5 years warranty

pH and ORP Sensor Application Areas

  • Continuous pH or redox potential (ORP) measurement of highly alkaline media, suspensions, contaminated liquids, emulsions.
  • Chemical industry (refinery, petrochemical, coal, paint, phosphate, resin, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage (milk, carbonated drinks, alcohol, bakery products, chocolate products, etc.)
  • Power plants (HES (hydroelectric power plant), coal plants, natural gas conversion plants, etc.)
  • Water / wastewater industry (drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant, municipalities, institutions and organizations with pipelines)

Liquid Analytical Transmitters Technical Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 12…36 V DC
  • Ambient temperature (independent of process temperature): -30…+70 °C
  • Process temperature (regardless of liquid/solid): -15…+100 °C
  • Process pressure (for closed tanks such as tanks, boilers, etc.): up to 16 bar
  • Measuring range: pH: 0…14 pH; ORP: +/- 1000 mV
  • Output(Analog or digital data channels): 4…20 mA, relay, HART®
  • Ingress protection: IP67, IP68
  • Approvals (certificates of conformity to level measurement): ATEX
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