AQUASCAN TM2 – Pipeline and Plastic Pipe Leakage Correlator


GUTERMANN AQUASCAN TM2 – Conduit and Plastic Pipe Leakage Correlator

Gutermann Aquascan Tm2 Conduit and Plastic Pipe Leakage Correlator is a powerful, high-end touch screen correlator – smart, non-intrusive and user-friendly, specially designed to find leaks in large diameter pipes over long distances. This device, offered by Aykome, is currently the most advanced correlator in the industry. .

  • Designed for harsh conditions and materials: With higher processing speeds, improved signal processing technology, increased sensitivity and unlimited correlation possibility, this correlator can detect even quiet leak noise at low frequencies and therefore can accurately detect leaks even in the harshest conditions. especially in large diameter pipes (main line), non-metallic pipes and longer distances than before. The AQUASCAN TM2 Pipeline and Pipe Leak Correlator can correlate leaks at distances of 1 km or more, with powerful radio transmission and the option to use antenna stands. If needed, hydrophones can be added by tapping a hydrant or pipe and provide additional sound input. The stainless steel housing provides maximum protection for transmitting sensors when left in a pit, sometimes containing corrosive substances, for hours or days. A ruggedized Windows tablet PC with illuminated buttons for night-time operation, shockproof rubber inlay and color touchscreen completes the set.
  • New, advanced algorithms and functions: AQUASCAN TM2 has a completely renewed software package with a number of new and improved functions, making it the most powerful correlator on the market. When enabled, the “AutoFilter” automatically selects the most relevant frequencies to create a highlighted correlation peak even for weak signals. The “Spot Filter” is a brand new and unique feature that allows the operator to click on the area of the pipe where a leak is suspected and the correlator focuses on the noise profile of this limited area. The “Notch Filtering” function removes mains noises from the audio spectrum, including higher harmonics. The operator can listen to both sensors in stereo or to each sensor separately. Also, the new “Filter Listening” feature lets you listen to the leak audio file with selected filters applied. This is ideal for suppressing ambient noise such as road traffic or electrical interference.
  • Cost-effective and very user-friendly: Unlike other mainline main leak control methods, working with AQUASCAN TM2 is non-invasive and non-destructive. Installation is easy with magnetic connection and radio communication of stainless steel accelerometer sensors; this allows the operator to close the manhole covers for longer day correlations or night correlations and avoid snagging on cables. No more additional costs: No costly pipeline inspections such as pipe tapping and drilling access channels, no loose-moving sensors lost or stuck (e.g. “Bullets” or “Balls”), no risk of water contamination as with other sensors less convenient technologies. With the AQUASCAN TM2, the operation is extremely simple. A single home screen makes it as easy as using a car navigation system to find leaks in the mains, indeed any pipe, with the help of intuitive programming with large touchscreen buttons and the brand new AutoFilter function. Therefore, the AQUASCAN TM2 is also a suitable tool for operators with little or no leak locating skills.
  • More convenience for TM2 professionals: Besides more advanced correlation algorithms with AutoFilter, SpotFilter and Filtered Listening, AQUASCAN TM2 has many other new features and improvements over its previous successful model. For example, 40% increased signal-to-noise ratio that helps find quieter leaks. Or automatic multi-frequency band correlation that allows the user to easily detect multiple leaks in the same pipe section. Or proprietary “Enriched Wave files” that can play the actual audio file on any Windows-based computer, but also carry enriched data (e.g. pipe distance and material), so these files can be shared via email and correlations are performed. On a different computer with AQUASCAN TM2 software, even by Gutermann experts for second opinion. As always with Gutermann products, AQUASCAN TM2 allows free firmware and software updates throughout the life of the product.


1 Colour Touchscreen PC with rugged protection and carry strap
2 Stainless steel low frequency accelerometer transmitter-sensors
2 Stainless steel hydrophones
2 Antenna Extension Cables and Antenna Stands
1 Vehicle Charging Set (12 Volt)
1 100-240V AC adapter
1 Carry Case
1 Operating manual
2 Years warranty

Aquascan Tm2 – Pipeline and Plastic Pipe Leakage Correlator Study
“Noise loggers” (data loggers) during the hours between midnight and dawn when water use in the mains is minimized by other noises in the environment (vehicles, pedestrians, machinery operating in close proximity, etc.). Noise listening and recording is made by fixing it on the valves detected in the region described in Article 3. The noise recordings taken by the noise recorders are transferred to the computer in the office and analyzed graphically, and the valve intervals where there is water leakage are determined and marked on the sheet. Two methods can be used to detect water leaks on the marked valve intervals as point transmission and plastic pipe leaks. The first of these methods is “correlation”. In order to apply this method, the following data of the pipe in that valve range must be known: The antennas of the correlator device are fixed to the valves at both ends and the correlation technique is applied by entering the above data into the device. As a result of this process, the leak point(s) on that line are determined exactly. The correlation method cannot be applied without the above data. In addition, for this method to be applied, there should be valves at two points where the correlator antennas can be fixed and send their signals.

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