AQUATRACER 300 – Underground Cable and Pipe Detector

AQUATRACER 300 – Underground Cable and Pipe Detector

The GUTERMANN AQUATRACER 300 cable and pipe locator is a simple and accurate line and cable locator designed for those dedicated to protecting buried infrastructure.

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Powerful, rechargeable and versatile:
The AQUATRACER 300 cable pipe locator is ideal for congested places in crowded servitudes, long pipe and cable runs, and essential service interruptions. It allows users to adapt the available frequencies to their specific needs. Frequencies can be added or deleted on demand to suit the user’s localization needs. 10 watts of power and automatic impedance matching from 5 ohms to 25,000 ohms ensure adequate signal application. 84 Wh Lithium-Ion batteries provide a lightweight design and longer operating life.

Comfortable and convenient use: PathfinderTM,

A remote link receiver (over 350 meters) between the transmitter and receiver, which allows the user to directly remotely control the output power and frequency of the transmitter, eliminating walking back and forth between devices.

The large, high-contrast LCD offers a clearly visible signal response in any lighting. Auto depth, auto current, and proximal direction arrows can be read in backlit environments for viewing in the brightest sunlight or dimmer conditions.

Rich features to adapt to any situation:
More than 1000 programmable frequencies tailored to individual positioning requirements.

8 Detection Modes: multi-channel processor allows simultaneous field detection from multiple antenna array, which ensures accuracy.

Auto Impedance Matching Technology maximizes transmission range while minimizing power consumption.

Fixed Depth and Current Measurement provides real-time updates on line depth and signal status.

A wide range of accessories is available:
Two inductive couplers can be purchased and used with the AQUATRACER 300 Cable Locator Detector to apply signals to live cables when direct connection is not possible:

1.4” inductive coupler with an operating frequency range of 8 kHz to 82 kHz;

  1. 2. 7” flexible inductive coupler, dual frequency 82kHz and 815Hz

A series of probes with different frequencies can be used as stand-alone signal transmitters at a range of 7.5 meters in non-pressurized pipes to monitor the path and obstructions.

1 Receiver
1 x Transmitter 10W
1 x Direct connection cable 1 Ground rod
1 x Set of AC and DC battery chargers 1 Protective carrying case
1 x User manual
2 x Year Warranty
Optional Accessories

Inductive coupler 4” (8 – 82kHz)
Inductive Flexi-coupler 7” (double
frequency 82kHz & 815kHz)
Probes (available at 512Hz,
640Hz, 815Hz, 8kHz and 33kHz)
watchable channel bar