MV145 – Converter with Internal Memory with Battery

MV145 – Converter with Internal Memory with Battery

The MV145 Battery Internal Memory Converter from the FLOWIZ family is ISOIL’s flow measurement converter with battery and internal memory. This converter is used with sensors of all diameters from ISOIL. Also, this converter controls two pressure or temperature sensors.

The MV145 is powered by lithium or alkaline batteries, which can be easily replaced without interrupting the measurement.

Optionally, the MV145 can be powered from the mains or from a solar panel via DC connection; In this case, the batteries have a backup function that prevents data loss in the event of a power outage.

The estimated life of the batteries is 15 years or more, depending on the measurement conditions.

Connected to the MS2500 flow sensor (up to DN1000), the MV145 complies with European directive 2014/32/EU MID, Annex III MI-001.

Battery Internal Memory Converter recorder has the capacity to store flow and pressure data. 4GB recording years warranty.

In addition, the device is equipped with a complete diagnostic, thanks to the BIV (internal verifier), which constantly monitors various sensor parameters and predicts possible problems.

Allows programming via keyboard and display or via mini USB cable connected PC with MCP software.

Battery transducer for MV145 flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, energy meters, ultrasonic flowmeters and industrial automation systems has been ISOIL Industry’s passion and continuous research since 1958 and do not hesitate to contact our experts for any information or advice.

Converter Specifications

  • The minimum conductivity value of the liquid (fluid) is 20 µS/cm.
  • Accuracy ± 0.4% of measured value, ± 0.2% on request
  • Repeatability: Better than ± 0.5%
  • Analog output 4-20 mA active or passive if battery powered.
  • RS485 output with Modbus protocol.
  • Housing material: nylon or aluminum for IP68 version.
  • MS1000 – Wafer Type Electromagnetic Sensor
  • The MS1000 wafer sensor is easy to install due to the absence of flanges, it is mounted between various counter flange types (UNI, DIN, ANSI, JIS etc.).
    It is suitable for all major applications, especially in the water sector, HVAC and cooling systems.

Converter General Features

  • Nominal diameter DN 25 ÷ 400
  • Minimum conductivity 5 mS/cm
  • Humidity Range 0÷100% (IP 67)
  • CE Certificate

Converter Standard Features

  • Body material Carbon steel painted
    rated pressure
  • 1600 kPa: fully lined with PP and Ebonite
  • 4000 kPa : PTFE coating up to DN 150
  • Process connection Wafer Type
  • Version – protection class Compact IP67
  • Body material Carbon Steel
  • Lining Material
  • Polypropylene (max PN 16)
  • Ebonite (DN 200 – 400)
  • PTFE (DN 25 – 150)
  • Gasket material (Polypropylene for liner ONLY) FPM
  • liquid temperature
    0°C ÷ 60°C, PP lined
    -5°C ÷ 80°C with ebonite lining
    -20°C ÷ 100°C, compact version with PTFE lining
  • Vacuum resistance 20 Kpa (absolute) at 100 °C (60/80 °C for PP/Ebonite)
  • Electrode material:
    Stainless steel AISI 316
    Hastelloy C.