NIVOFLIP – Magnetic Liquid Level Indicator

Magnetic Liquid Level Indicator

The NIVELCO NIVOFLIP magnetic liquid level indicator (indicator) is a bypass level indicator with a flange distance of up to 5.5 m (~18 ft) for pressure vessels containing liquids. It has international PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval so it can be used for level indication of pressure vessels with process pressure up to 100 bar (1450 psi).
High temperature variants can be applied up to +250 °C (+482 °F) process temperature. NIVOFLIP can be optionally equipped.
If level transmission is required, it can be provided with limit switches or NIVELCO’s NIVOTRACK high precision magnetostrictive level transmitter.

The body of the gauge has a bypass welded pressurized system, which is the tank. It is mounted on the appropriate connection flanges on the side of the device. Store the liquid level in the bypass tube and the tank is even. The inclusion of a float polarized magnet in the bypass tube monitors the level of the liquid. The vanes mounted on the tube forming a two-color magnetic rod are interchangeable and serve as visual indicators. Rotated fins represent true level. Bottom 100mm
Different color for visual display of the lower section (4 inches) of the dash bar
error signal if the liquid level drops below the lower port of the device.

Revolutionize your process in level measurement with the most preferred product, the NIVOFLIP ML1-505-1.

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NIVOFLIP Level Indicator System
The NIVOFLIP bypass liquid level indicator MAK-100 can be equipped with external level switches and thus can provide point level indication. In case of using MAK-100 Level switch minimum media density should be more than 0.1 kg / dm3 (100 oz / ft3). If the accuracy provided by the magnetic fins is not sufficient, the high sensitivity NIVOTRACK M L-500/600 series magnetostrictive level transmitters are recommended. The measurement system equipped with OIML R85 approved NIVOTRACK is suitable for custody transfer measurements. Probe according to center-to-center length of magnetostrictive level transmitter connecting flanges. their lengths vary. Unit without float and process connection, bypass chamber externally with clamps. All optional units are magnetic coupling with specially designed float, there is no direct contact with the measured medium.

Magnetic Level Meter Application Areas and Level Measurement Methods

  • Operation without power supply
  • Clearly visible display
  • Stainless steel bypass chamber
  • Error indication
  • Optional Strap-on level switches
  • Optional magnetostrictive level transmitter
  • Accuracy: ±10 mm (±0.39″)
  • Stainless steel or titanium float
  • High-temperature version
  • Explosion-proof version

Magnetic Liquid Level Meter Product Features

  • Level measurement of pressurized vessels, boilers and tanks
  • Chemical industry
  • Power plants
  • Oil industry
  • Water industry

Magnetic Liquid Level Indicator Technical Specifications

Flange distance:500…5500 mm (19.7…216.5″)
Process temperature:−60°C…+250°C (−76…+482 °F)
Medium density:0.55…1.25 kg/dm³
Process pressure:up to 100 bar (1450 psi)
Process connection:DIN, ANSI flanges
Approvals:PED, ATEX