NIVOCONT K – Conductive Level Switch

Conductor Level Switch

Measuring based on the conductivity principle, the NIVELCO NIVOCONT conductive level switch or level switch is applied to liquids with a conductivity higher than 10 μS / cm.

To detect the level, probes are immersed in the tank. These probes (and the tank wall if conductive) serve as the contacts of an electrical circuit. Probes can be in single or multi-rod versions. If the tank wall is non-conductive, a maximum of 4 probe rods can fit on the multiple probe with an additional reference probe. The probe length should be suitable for the level to be detected. Filling the liquid inside the tank changes the electrical conductivity between the tank wall (or reference probe) and the probes. The connection with the conductive level switch will be converted and activate an output relay. You can produce easy solutions for your processes with the most preferred model NIVOCONT KKH-212-1.

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Level Switch Product Features

  • Affordable choice
  • Limit switch or differential switch versions
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Adjustable delay
  • High or low fail-safe mode
  • All wetted parts stainless steel
  • Compact unit with two independent relays
  • Separate probe and relay unit
  • Rod probes up to 3 m

Conductivity Level Switch Application Areas and Level Measurement Methods

  • Conductive liquids with minimum 1 x 10-5  S/cm conductivity
  • Fail-safe indication and pump control
  • Chemical industry
  • Water / wastewater industry

Conductor Level Switch Technical Specifications

Power supply:24–240 VAC/DC
Ambient temperature:−20°C…+50°C
Process temperature:up to +200°C
Process pressure:up to 16 bar
Output:250 VAC, 16A or 8A
Process connection:⅜”, 1½”
Ingress protection:IP65 / IP67, IP20