Hazardous and Explosive Environment Data Logger


SOFREL LT-US ATEX-Hazardous and Explosive Environment Data Logger

Equipped with a high-performance GSM antenna, the waterproof (IP68) energy autonomous SOFREL LT-US EXT Hazardous and Explosive Environment Data Logger meets the instrumentation needs of water networks.
Thanks to its ultrasonic sensor for level measurement, the LT-US EX data logger provides continuous monitoring of the flow to the collectors or discharge into the natural environment.
Simple to install, offering excellent autonomy (battery powered), the LT-US EX offers a perfectly optimized solution for the control and use of wastewater and stormwater networks.
Key Features

  • Fully integrated GSM/SMS/GPRS Data Logger
  • Supports ‘average’ and ‘statistics’ recording
  • Optional pressure inlet
  • Configurable tamper/state for two digital input streams
  • Working for > 5 years using its own internal battery
  • Optional data import option
  • Frequent data mode of daily data transfer of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, using 15 minutes
  • ”Data on the web” option
  • UK Water Industry Telemetry Standard (IDEA) compliant
  • Threshold and profile alarms
  • Direct communication with Regulo PRV controller
    For more detailed information about the product, contact AYKOME Engineering.