SOFREL LT42 – Telemetry Data Logger


SOFREL LT42 8 Channel SMS / GPRS / Data Logger (Remote Data Reading System)

Sofrel Cello is a new family of Fully Integrated wireless Telemetry Data Logger. GSM and GPRS networks use it to transmit recorded data, meter values and alarm messages. Housed in a robust, watertight enclosure, the LT42 is suitable for loading in underground chambers.
Telemetry Data Logger Used in drinking water networks. With these data loggers, which have a wide application area, you can access all information on the network remotely and at the same time control it remotely. All devices that transmit data such as flow meters, flow meters, level meters, pressure, noise, camera images, radio frequencies, alarm devices are connected to these recorders.
Telemetry Data Logger Key Features

  • Fully integrated SMS/GPRS Data Logger
  • Independent digital and analog inputs selected for each channel
  • Two channels 4-20mA high resolution / flash power can be reserved for external inputs
  • 4-20mA loop (factory configured)
  • 5 years life internal battery
  • UK Water Industry Telemetry Standard (IDEA) compliant
  • Optional data import option
  • 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, daily data transfer using frequent data mode
    “data on the web” option
  • Threshold and profile alarms
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