ORAKEL – Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor

DETECTRONIC Orakel Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DETECTRONIC ORAKEL online Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor are optical luminescent devices that are highly wear resistant, extremely stable and have greatly reduced maintenance and lifetime costs.

The sensing element (lumiphor) is excited when illuminated with a blue light. Once a lumifor is excited, it emits blue light with an intensity inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen present in the water. A secondary red light is used for diagnosis and calibration, ensuring long-term stability and reliability

DO Sensor Product Features
ORAKEL Sensor contains no chemicals or moving parts. Its stability and reliability make it perfect for process controls and suitable for all dissolved oxygen applications. The ORAKEL Sensor offers unrivaled performance for vent strip blower control and oxidation ditch DO control.

  • Immersion Mount
  • Ideal for pressureless applications
  • Suitable for depths up to 210m (25°C)
  • Acetyl structure
  • 1¼” NPT mounting thread
  • T90 Titanium construction
  • Flow cell can be installed

Orakel Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Technical Specifications

  • Lumiphore optics type dissolved oxygen.
  • Measurement Dissolved oxygen.
  • Range 0-50mg/l or 0-200% saturation.
  • Solubility 0.01 mg/l. Accuracy and Precision
  • ±0.1mg/l from 0-8mg//l (1.25%) and ±0.2mg/l from 8-20mg/l.
  • Stability Better than 1% per month (without calibration).
  • Temperature Range >0 to 50°C. pH Range from pH2 to pH10.
  • Salinity Range 0-42ppt.
  • Temperature Compensation Automatically with an integrated thermistor.
  • Permissible Overpressure 10 bar.
  • Typical Response Limited >25mg/l.
  • Response Time T90

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