ISONRG-MV311 – Energy Calculator

MV311 – Energy Calculation and Data Processing Unit

The new ISOIL ISONRG MV311 energy calculator is designed for industrial applications. It provides flexibility thanks to the “Quick Setup” function with different options that are unique in the market. It is fast in calculation, accurate in measurement, easy to use.

This calculator is for applications such as cogeneration, energy efficiency. It is designed to act as a simple centralizer for various energy carriers.

The MV311 Energy Calculator includes 4GB of memory that allows all measured values, alarms and events to be recorded at 1-second intervals. The stored data is equipped with 4 pulse inputs (one for thermal vector, two for volumetric collectors) with the possibility of having two pulses. An auxiliary input for the collector with different units of measurement is provided for an auxiliary input. It is transmitted and processed through the freely available MCP management software. User configurable analog outputs.

Ethernet connection allows the energy calculator to work with different IP protocols, access typical Ethernet services and be powered with the PoE option. The “Quick Setup” function leads to an initial user configuration menu.

At the end of the menu, the energy calculator is sealed in accordance with the indications of the MID Directive.

For detailed information, you can contact Aykome Engineering.