NIVOFLOAT – Float Type Liquid Level Switch

Float Type Level Switch

The NIVOFLOAT NW-100 level float type liquid level switch is suitable for level changing of various liquids, especially wastewater in shafts, tanks, basins or cisterns. The double chamber float is made of injection molded rigid polypropylene (a type of tough and durable plastic) that provides good waterproof protection. The contacting microswitch is located in the float. With the experience of NIVELCO, the cable of the NIVOFLOAT NW-100 pear-type level switch is fed by the monolithic structure of the waterproof passage and injection molded plastic housing. The cable for the level float is a flexible insulated copper cable with a cross section of 3x 1 mm2 (AWG 17) and a PVC or Neoprene outer insulation. Different control tasks such as liquid level monitoring and pump control can be successfully performed with the NIVOFLOAT NLP-105-1.

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Float Type Level Switch Operation
NIVOFLOAT float type level switch with mercury-free contact is suitable for level change of sewage, contaminated liquids or drinking water. The sealing of the double chamber float and cable outlet ensures hermetic sealing and waterproof operation. The float must be immersed to the desired level and, if necessary, fixed. At the specified level, the float will change by tilting. The special shape of the float ensures smooth tilting without the use of counterweights. Although it is mechanical among NIVELCO products, it is the most used product.

Float Type Liquid Level Switch Product Features

  • Operation without power supply (no DC, AC required)
  • Low cost polypropylene (water-floating plastic) level switch
  • Hermetically moulded, double chamber
  • Mercury-free micro switch
  • Adjustable key differential (a feature that allows the user to set a specific level within the sensor that will trigger an alarm or other response.)
  • Low specific gravity of the floating body

Pear Type Level Switch Application Areas and Level Measurement Methods

  • Level switch from drinking water to sewer
  • Also suitable for tanks and basins
  • Fail-safe indication and pump control
  • Water / wastewater industry


Process temperature:0 °C…+50 °C
Process pressure:up to 2 bar (29 psi)
Output:Switch rating: 250 V AC, 10(3)A
Ingress protection:IP68