F5 – Bidirectional Ultrasonic Flowmeter


Bidirectional Ultrasonic Flowmeter

F5 bidirectional ultrasonic flowmeter is ultrasonic flowmeter with fixed, intelligent and clamp-on transducers adopting trans-time to measure flow. This meter is specially designed for water used in various applications. Not only does the F5 have powerful billing functionality and internet support, it can also be easy to set up and operate. Most importantly, the non-invasive transducer can save labor and economic cost, allowing users to avoid damaging the pipeline.

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Usage Areas of Bidirectional Ultrasonic Flow Meter
● Drinking Water

● River Water

● Cooling Water

● Demineralized Water

● Water/Glycol Solutions

● Chemicals

● Leak Detection

● Boiler Test

Ultrasonic Flowmeter General Features
● High accuracy

● Large pipe size

● WiFi billing function

● Easy to install

● No need to cut a pipe or stop a process

● Suitable for a wide variety of waters. Such as deionized water, cooling water, drinking water, sea water, tap water, hot water, industrial water

● Simple menu

Performance characteristics
Flow Range ±0.03ft/sec ~ ±16ft/sec (±0.01m/sec ~ ±5m/sec)
Accuracy ±1.0% (±1.6ft/s~±16ft/s) (±0.5m/s~±5m/s)
Pipe Size With Clamp: 1″~48″(25mm~1200mm)
liquid water
Pipe Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC

Function Properties
outputs Oct Pulse output:0~5000Hz
Analog output: 4~20mA, maximum load 750Ω
Communication interface Wifi; RS485 ModBus
Power supply 10~36VDC/1A
Keyboard 16(4×4) keys with touch
Display 20×2 lattice alphanumeric, backlit LCD
Temperature Transmitter: 14℉~122℉(-10℃~50℃)
Converter: 32℉~176℉(0℃~80℃)
Humidity Up to 99% RH, non-condensing

Physical Properties
Transmitter Computer/ABS, IP65
Converter Encapsulated design, IP68
Converter Cable Standard cable length: 30ft(9m)
Weight Transmitter: approx. 0.7 kg
Converter: approx. 0.4 kg