Communication and Configuration Interface over HART Protocols

UNICOMM – Communication and Configuration Interface over HART Protocols

The NIVELCO UNICOMM communication and configuration interface can establish a communication link between HART® enabled field devices and the process control computer. Communication is via USB. UNICOMM HART® modems apply to all HART® enabled transmitters using standard HART® communication, not just NIVELCO transmitters. The device is galvanically isolated by both (USB and HART®).

Revolutionize your process with the most preferred products HART MODEM SAT-504-2 and SAT-504-1.

Functions that EView2 provides:

Detection of connected devices (also in Multidrop operating mode)
Universal HART commands – (only) for displaying primary measurement data of non-NIVELCO field devices
Eview2 software provides data logging capability for a maximum of 3 hours.
Eview2 software acts as the primary administrator on the network. The use of an active secondary master (eg a hand-held communicator) while running the software is strictly PROHIBITED!
The UNICOMM HART modem establishes a communication link between the HART-enabled field devices and the process controller computer.
UNICOMM HART modem is applicable to all HART enabled transmitters using standard HART communication.

HART Modem Product Features
Communication interface (modem) between HART® enabled transmitters and PC
DIN rail mountable or test clip connector version
No need for power supply when using USB output
Galvanic isolation
Explosion-proof models
24 V current loop power supply (SAT-504)
Replaceable HART® resistor
Bluetooth compatibility (SAT-504)

Communication and Configuration Interface Application Areas
Transfer of measurement data to PC
Connecting field transmitter to PC via USB, RS485 or Bluetooth®

Technicial Specifications

Power supply:supplied from USB / 24 V DC / PowerBank
Output:USB / RS485 / Bluetooth®
Ingress protection:IP20