NIVOPRESS N – Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Transmitter

Level and Pressure Measurement Transmitter (Hydrostatic Level Transmitter)

The NIVOPRESS N Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Transmitter, also known as hydrostatic well level transmitters, is designed to measure the level of clean or contaminated liquids. The pressure sensor at the bottom of the probe measures the hydrostatic pressure (Phydr) of the liquid column above it and compares it with the atmospheric pressure (Patm). Atmospheric pressure is transmitted to the sensor by a moisture filter, which prevents moisture from reaching the electronics and reduces the accuracy of the measurement. This allows atmospheric pressure to be subtracted from the measured pressure to obtain the hydrostatic pressure that is proportional to the height of the liquid column (h). Electronic converts the sensor’s signal into an output signal. If temperature measurement is required in addition to level measurement, a combined (level + temperature) transmitter must be used. The installation and wiring of the transmitter is supported by a wide range of accessories. A sewer adapter working on the diving bell principle can be fitted (NP) or screwed (NZ) in place of the protective cover to prevent direct contact between the sensor and the contaminated liquid being measured. Type NZ sewer adapters have an extra mechanical protection in the form of a mechanical filter. N-500 types can be used in hazardous environments. NZ screw type transmitters are recommended for applications with a risk of flooding. NB / NG plastic housing types are designed for applications where aggressive media (e.g. salty solutions or sea water) can cause galvanic corrosion in the stainless steel housing.

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Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Detection Device Features

  • 2- or 3-wire submersible transmitter
  • Capacitive ceramic, piezoresistive stainless steel and piezoresistive ceramic sensor
  • Stainless steel or fully plastic body
  • Venting tube in cable
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Optional lightning protection
  • Linearity error: ±0.25%
  • Integrated Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Explosion-proof variants available
  • Borehole transmitter for the water industry

Hydrostatic Level, Pressure Meter Applications and Level Measurement Methods

  • Level metering of small diameter pipes, sewage water, saline solutions, sea water, potable water
  • Chemical industry
  • Water / wastewater industry

Hydrostatic Well Level Transmitters Technical Specifications

Power supply:12–30 VDC
Process temperature:−30°C…+60°C
Measuring range:0–200 m
Output:4…20 mA + HART®, 0–10 V
Ingress protection:IP68