NIVOPOINT – Level Switch with Magnetic Probe

Level Switch with Magnetic Probe (Level Switch with Probe)

The NIVOPOINT level switch with magnetic probe (float) is suitable for level detection, level changing and one- or multi-point level control work in both normal and hazardous areas.

The level switch with magnetic probe consists of a probe tube, a magnetan-containing float, and a housing (container, sheath, etc.) containing connection terminals. A maximum of 5 keys are included in the probe. The sliding sleeve on the probe provides simultaneous ± 25 mm adjustment in the positioning of the keys. Wet parts of level switch with magnetic probe are made of stainless steel. Plastic coated versions are suitable for level detection of aggressive liquids and ATEX(exproof) certified versions can be applied for level changing of explosive materials. Floats and process connections can be selected according to the measured environment and application. The mini type NIVELCO NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switch is suitable for maximum level indication in small tanks. The small size and easy assembly of the switch allow maximum level detection in devices or tanks using multipurpose process connections. You can produce easy solutions for your processes with the most preferred model NIVOPOINT MRA-103-3.

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How is the Magnetic Probe Level Switch Application Method?

The NIVOPOINT magnetic float level switch works on the basis of the interaction of the built-in magnet with the float and reed switches in the probe. The float of NIVOPOINT level switch devices moves along the probe tube, which monitors the level of the measured liquid and activates the reed contact. The float changes the default state (NO or NC) of the probe. When the liquid level drops, the float reed switches move forward again, breaking out of their self-holding state, and the reed contact returns to its previous state. By monitoring the level, the magnetic float activates the reed switch on the probe. Its magnetic contact opens or closes according to the position of the magnetic float. The default state is expressed by the bottom positioned float, the state of the normally open or closed reed switch can be changed by reversing the float.

Multi-Switch Point Probe Level Switch Product Features

  • Working without power supply
  • Process-separated Reed switches (they perform their designed function by opening or closing the electronic circuit.)
  • Wetted parts stainless steel or plastic (probe)
  • Up to 5 switch points
  • Vertical adjustability of all key points
  • Various process connections
  • Flame resistant models (Atex Certified)
  • Max. 5 switching points
  • Stainless steel and plastic coated versions (control unit)
  • 150°C medium temperature
  • mini version
  • ATEX version (Exproof)

Probe Level Switch Application Areas and Level Measurement Methods

  • Liquids with a density of at least 0.4 kg / dm3
  • Multi-point level switch in closed tanks
  • Foam liquids, chemicals with a dense layer of vapor or gas on the surface
  • Chemical, petroleum industry (refinery, petrochemical, coal, paint, phosphate, resin, etc.)
  • Food and drink
  • Power plants (HEPP (hydroelectric power plant), coal power plants, natural gas conversion power plants, etc.)
  • oil industry
  • water industry
  • Multi-point level switching
  • To control pumps, valves
  • Level detection of aggressive liquids
  • Level change of explosive liquids (ATEX certified)

Magnetic Probe Level Switch Technical Specifications

Ambient temperature:−40°C…+95°C
Process temperature:−40°C…+150°C
Process pressure:up to 25 bar
Output:250 VAC, 3A
Process connection:1″, 2″ or flanges
Ingress protection:IP67, IP68
Approvals:ATEX, BV (Marine)