Midi Built-in Systems


With an increasing population, water usage is continuously growing nowadays, as soon as possible to prevent water leaks is very important. 5 billion cubic meters per year of water supply network in Turkey is given. It is tilled into the soil without the use of more than 2 billion cubic meters. The reason; which destroyed installations. This water loss and leak, in our country, causing losses of 6 billion per year.

Tools thanks to specially equipped physical water loss and leak, water leaks can be detected faster and more easily. These tools are huge savings in terms of both time and staff time involved in our institutions, and also making an economic contribution.

Sound acoustics in the vehicle in order to find the leaks, listening devices, as well as the water flow rate and manometer to measure the pressure of many devices, such as a flow meter for measuring. Also a leak has occurred in the location where phone or Internet cables is controlled by a detector to detect the presence of the line also knows that knows that. The excavation to be made in this manner will prevent damage to other infrastructure systems in place.
Equipped with the latest technological systems, physical water loss and leak in the water line pressure to examine tool also, equipped with a camera system. This camera is lost or in places they deem necessary by sending teams be able to identify leaks into the line.

Physical water loss and leak specially equipped Aykome prepared as in our tool the following devices.

– ATEX MSFM GPRS Multi Sensor Flow Monitor S2U
– PrimeLab – Single / Multi- class Photometer
– pH meter
– Metal dedector
– Line Locator with Bluetooth® and GPS
– Seesnake 61 mt. observation camera
– Nanorell 25 mt. observation camera
– CS6 Digital Recording
– Ultrasonic Flowmeter