NIVOSWITCH – Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids

Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids (Level Control Relay)

The NIVOSWITCH vibrating fork level switch or vibratory level switch (fork type) is suitable for level detection of liquids or granular, powdery solids.

Units with parallel vibratory level switch fork are suitable for liquids, non-parallel vibratory level switch fork units are suitable for solids. Mounted on pipes, silos, tanks or hopper boxes filling/unloading can be controlled using these devices, they can also generate fail-safe alarms that provide overfill or dry run protection. The working principle of vibrating fork level relay is based on exciting electronic circuit that vibrates the fork probe. When the substance it is in contact with reaches the fork and covers it, its vibration changes or stops. The fork will start vibrating again when the substance in contact is discharged. The electronics detects the vibration change and outputs the signal after a selected delay. PNP / NPN transistor output versions can be connected directly to the PLC or relay unit. NIVELCO NIVOSWITCH RCM-301-3 and RCM-300-3 vibrating forks can solve switching tasks of high current loads thanks to UNICONT PKK switching amplifiers. UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex intrinsically safe switching unit is designed to serve Ex rated vibrating forks.

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Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids Product Features

  • For powdered solids min. 0.01 kg/dm3 (10 oz/ft3) density
  • No moving parts.
  • stainless steel forks
  • Self-cleaning for most environments
  • Rigid bar extension up to 3 m (10 ft)
  • IP67, IP68 protection
  • Explosion-proof models

Fork Level Switch Application Areas and Level Measurement Methods

  • Granular material particle and powder with a minimum mass density of 0.01 kg / dm³
  • Chemical industry (refinery, petrochemical, coal, paint, phosphate, resin etc.)
  • Water and wastewater industry (drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant, municipalities, institutions and organizations with pipelines)
  • Food and beverage (milk, carbonated drinks, alcohol, bakery products, chocolate products, etc.)
  • Power plants (HEPP (hydroelectric power plant), coal power plants, natural gas conversion power plants, etc.)
  • Paper mill
  • Plastics industry
  • Petroleum industry (diesel, solvent, lpg etc.)
  • Building materials Industry
  • Marine applications

Vibrating Fork Level Switch(For Solids)Technical Specifications

Supply voltage:20…255 V AC, 20…60 V DC
Ambient temperature:−40…+70 °C
Process temperature:−40…+130 °C
Process pressure:up to 40 bar
Output:1 or 2 relays (SPDT), 2-wire AC or DC, transistor (PNP, NPN)
Process connection:1″, 1½”, 2″ or flanges
Ingress protection:IP67, IP68, IP65