PC – Filter Performance Monitor Particle Counter

DETECTRONIC PC – Filter Performance Monitor Particle Counter

The DETECTRONIC PC Filter Performance Monitor Particle Counter is known for its ability to detect when a filter is nearing the end of its life. ORAKEL Particle Counters are advanced devices suitable for municipal and industrial water treatment applications, including filter performance monitoring, protecting RO membranes against colloidal contamination and corrosion product monitoring.

The ORAKEL Particle Counter works by counting particles and sizes particles larger than 127µm, particles smaller than 127µm, and counts and programs up to 6 size ranges for particles ranging from 2 to 127µm in diameter. The number of particles counted in each of these ranges (counts per milliliter, counts per 100 milliliters) and is reported as a raw count.

Particles in a stream of water refract a laser beam as they flow through a cell. This refraction is measured by a detector opposite the laser beam, and the number of refractions is equal to the number of particles. The size of the signal (generated as the particle passes through the beam) is proportional to the size of the particle.

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What are the Application Areas of Filter Performance Monitor Particle Counter?
ORAKEL particle counters allow them to combine measurements such as turbidity, chlorine and pH. It is connected to an ORAKEL control unit, which can connect up to 16 sensors to one unit. Typical applications include:

  • Water Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
  • Water sports
  • Medicine
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Food and drink
  • Make-up water monitoring

Filter Performance Monitor Particle Counter Technical Specifications

  • Laser Type
    Solid state laser diode (780nm)
  • Cell Material
    NituffTM coated aluminum PEEK plastic (optional)
    Viewing 2-750 micron Windows Sapphire Detection Range
  • Sizing Range
    2-127 micron Flow Rate 75ml/min
  • Resolution
    Better than 10% at 10 microns (ASTM-F658)
  • Coincidence Limit
    20,000 cnt/ml Signal to Noise Ratio Better Than 5: 1
  • Dimension Channels
    Up to 3 user selectable and total count
  • Screen
    Value and Alarms simultaneously, controller dependent Alarms
    Sensor diagnostic, particle count limit
  • Laser Diode Life
    MTBF 75,000 hours@55°C
  • Measurement Type
    Darkening, Volumetric
  • Communication
    TCP/IP, Modbus, RS232, RS485, 4-20mA, Profibus
  • Power source
    100-250V AC, 50/60Hz 8-36V DC
  • Working ambient temperature
  • Sample processing temperature
  • Cleaning
    <5 minutes per month on clean water, 6
  • Protection class