PUR-94D – PID Controller


PUR-94D – PID Controller

The PUR-94D PID controller is a simple two-step controller (also known as an ON-OFF or hysteresis controller) and also an advanced PID controller with two control loops (heating/cooling) supported by auto-tuning function and blur. Its main advantages are two sequential displays: the first shows the measured value, the second shows the programmed values. The device has a built-in REL, OC (SSR) or analog output according to customer choice: active current output, passive isolated current output or active voltage output, which can be used in the control process. The PUR-94D controller is equipped with one universal input, type: 0/4-20 mA, 0-10V, 0-150 mV, Pt 100/500/1000 or TC (K, S, J, T, N, R , BE ). Only one type of input is available during the measurement process. The cold junction of the thermocouple sensor is automatically compensated. RTD and TC inputs have fully linearized features. Thanks to the wide variety of characteristic curves (linear, square root, quadratic, user-defined and volume characteristic for cylindrical tanks), the controller can be used in various process control systems. The 24V DC / 100 mA output is designed to power measurement transducers and the RS-485 port enables data transmission in production process monitoring systems. The controller can be configured via the RS-485 communication port with the local keyboard or the free S-Config software.

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PUR-94D PID Controller

  • PID controller
  • ON-OFF hysteresis, two control loops, Auto tuning, Fuzzy Logic
  • dual LED display:
    PV – measured value,
    SV – setpoint value
  • universal input: 0/4-20 mA, 0-10V, 0-150 mV, RTD or TC
  • REL 5A / OC (SSR) outputs
  • analog output: active or passive, power supply output: 24V DC
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • signal peak detection
  • free configuration software S-Config